Written by Asrif Yusoff, Photos by Azalia Suhaimi
June 20, 2011


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." -- Mark Twain

How's that for an introduction? I googled it.

Welcome to Busking Barefoot, our travel blog.

Not too long ago, on a long drive home from work, I said to my wife Azalia "We should write a book. We'll figure out the title later but the tagline would read: He's a musician*. She's a photographer. They're both travelers. This is their story."

The tagline seemed perfect. It depicted our passion for the arts and desire to discover the world. Not to mention the tinge of mystery with the short sentences and all. I could already see it proudly displayed in between The Motorcycle Diaries and Eat, Pray, Love at the Travelogue section.

But there was one problem. We're both very impatient people. And getting a book published is probably the only thing longer than getting your tax return. There's concept development, manuscript draft, editor review, and a host of other lengthy procedures that sound like the ones I'd just made up.

So we decided on setting up this blog. It's online and it's free.

The tales from our travels are presented here in the form of my writing and her photography works. Or, in some cases, her writing and her photography works. You don't want to see the photos I took. This one time I tried taking a macro shot of a ladybird and it ended up as a picture of my elbow.

That's enough background for now. Enjoy your time here and do leave a comment or two. We like reading them.

*I'm not really a musician. While I do have a decent guitar collection acquired mostly during my college days (with scholarship money), I could barely play Happy Birthday to save my life. If I cut an album, it would probably sell approximately 30 copies. Which is not too bad had it not been my mom who bought them all.


cute! cant wait to see your posts and book, someday~ *Thanks Zana for the link

Yayyyy. Cant wait for more entries!! U guys are perfect together and i would love to read more of your travel storiesss. Love u both!

Beautiful!good combination you two!

yay please blog about all the wonderful places that i can read about during work~

i love travel blog. please update.


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